Muslim Leader´s of Tomorrow

Hanif Escudero is responsible for the area of youth at Junta Islámica, a non-profit Islamic organization that has been active since 1989. The organization’s objective is developing the rights and liberties of Muslims in Spain. Presently, the most significant project of the Área de Juventud de Junta Islámica is its collaboration with the Halal Institute, a Spanish certification company of Halal Guarantee, where Hanif Escudero is the Director of Development. Área de Juventud de Junta Islámica is also working with, the most viewed Islamic website in Spain with more than 10 million hits monthly. The organization is also in partnership with the Centro de Documentación y Publicaciones Islámicas (Center of Islamic Documentation and Publications) that has released over 30 books and is currently preparing to launch a collection called Sahada, entailing five books on the Islam. Hanif Escudero is the President of the cultural youth association Al Agua (The Water), a non-profit company that carries out intercultural projects focused towards youth. It offers a framework of development and interaction between youths of diverse cultures and beliefs, promoting the understanding and exchange of ideas and projects. The most important activities of Al Agua is a project entitled: Somos Sonidos (We Are Sounds). It is utilizing the vehicle of music and dance to reach the youth. Al Agua is also working with Asociación de Jóvenes Musulmanes de España (the Association for Young Spanish Muslims). The organization arranges workshops on crafts, ethnic activities and concerts to offer activities of alternative leisure to the youth. Hanif Escudero, born in Granada (Andalucia) in 1981, is studying Psychology and attended the National University of Education at Distance. He is an expert in online education (E-learning) and in Islamic culture, civilization and religion. He has organized diverse conferences on Halal diet in Paris, London and Barcelona, and he has attended events as the World Encounter of the Dawa, in Toronto, Canada. In 2002 he did the Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca and in 2004 he visited the Camp of refugee Saharawis of Tinduf, Algeria. Recently, he has been named president of the Asociación de Jóvenes Musulmanes de España (Association of Muslim Youths of Spain), where he holds youth’s consultations and develops projects of interest for the Muslim youths as well as educational trips to Morocco or Mataamaulana (Mauritania).


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